Lead Engineer & Creative Director, 2016-present
Rezonator Analytics is a software company making professional tools to explore resonance and engagement in dialogue. I have served as the creative director and lead software engineer of Rezonator Analytics since 2016.
 The company's flagship product is Rezonator, an open-source large scale application for importing, annotating, and visualizing linguistic phenomena. Users can link units of dialogue to create chains, group words up to form chunks, and tag data at any level. Rezonator is available to download on Windows, MacOS, and Linux, and can be demoed in browser as well. The app has also been released via Steam.
As the Lead Engineer of Rezonator, I have written code within every layer of the software. This includes user interface, backend data structure, and nearly all user-facing features. Rezonator has also undergone two major data structure re-writes, and I have led the engineering of both transitions. The purpose of reworking the data structure has been scalability, optimization, and abstraction.
Rezonator offers full Unicode support, as well as right-to-left interactivity. Users can customize settings for text alignment, horizontal and vertical spacing, and directionality. Engineering these capabilities was no easy feat. Every feature had to be tested with all combinations of text settings to ensure proper language handling.
As the Creative Director of Rezonator Analytics, I have guided the interface of our app to create a user experience that is familiar, intuitive, and responsive. Rezonator includes many custom engineered interface mechanisms, built to handle the complexity of language. I have overseen the development of each of these new features, to ensure that they meet the needs of everyone from the technical research analyst to the untrained new user.
My work with Rezonator Analytics has also given me the opportunity to onboard incoming employees and mentor undergraduate students who contributed to the project via internship. I have familiarized over a dozen software engineers with the code behind the app, and managed version control across all of the developers to continuously release updates.
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