Software Engineer & Artist, 2019
Sunny the dog spends a day at the beach. Interact with the other dogs and complete small tasks as the sun sets over the horizon. I was the software engineer and vector artist for this small, charming game developed in about 3 weeks.
Five little quests are scattered throughout the beach. Completing each quest will add in a new layer of music. The game has a predestined length of play: once the sun has set and it is nighttime, Sunny the dog will have to go home. There is no penalty if the game ends before the player has completed all five quests.
I designed all of the visual assets using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and even After Effects to achieve the sun's reflection in the ocean. Animation was done both programmatically and frame-by-frame. I was especially happy with how the sky effect turned out, with the background scrolling through a series of gradients as the foreground sprites becoming silhouetted by the setting sun. 
A Dog at the Beach was one of a handful of projects to be demonstrated at the UCSC Games Showcase, 2019. Having players of all ages enjoy our little game about a dog on a beach was heartwarming.
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