Lead Engineer, 2022-2024
Hexalog is a new mobile word game where players unscramble words to create conversation! This game was made by Rezzles Games, the gaming division of Rezonator Analytics. I was the lead engineer on this project!
In Hexalog, players must unscramble words to create a dialog between two characters. To make things more interesting, each puzzle also contains a secret "key" word, that must be correctly guessed. Players have five guesses to solve each puzzle, and each guess will give the player feedback. Words that are in the correct position will turn green, and words placed correctly adjacently to each other will become joined as a phrase.
Hexalog features a daily puzzle, plus an extra puzzle pack that drops each week. Engineering the database to offer these goodies on a regular and secure basis was quite a learning experience. I was also in charge of making developer tools to help our team craft and release puzzles.
While the game's rules appear simple on the surface, programming them was very challenging. Hexalog's feedback system had to be very carefully engineered to give maximally accurate and helpful information. I am very proud of the game's feedback algorithm. This game took so much hard work to get out, and I am so happy to see people enjoying it.
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