I started making games on the computer when I was in fourth grade. When I got to middle school, I decided that I wanted to release some of my games online. My "studio" was named TerryGamez, which I think is great. All of the games I made in middle school, were of course, flawless. The website that once hosted these games is no longer in operation, but I have decided to release them once more.
I just love how raw these games are. I think I was on to something back then. Because really, who needs polish?
This is my legacy.

So yeah, you can play them if you want. They are all Windows EXEs, and none of them are code-signed, so you will have to take my word for it that these are nothing but harmless old GameMaker projects. But maybe someone out there can get something out of them. These games are so special to me.
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