This free asset allows for custom UI textboxes in GameMaker that are scalable, repositionable, and easy to implement. The textbox also features localization support for all Unicode characters, including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean (CJK). There are a number of textbox assets available within the GameMaker community, but many of them have quirks or requirements that made their use impractical for my needs, so I built my own.
FirebaseDS (2023)
An expanded mod of the original GameMaker Firebase Firestore API, FirebaseDS allows GameMaker programmers to add maps and arrays to their Firestore documents. This free, open-source asset makes use of GameMaker's handy struct and array functions to provide robust cloud data management. FirebaseDS can also handle any level of nested data structure, so engineers can nest maps and arrays to their heart's content. The asset currently is only supported for Firebase's REST API system, but if used properly this can be ported to all platforms (desktop, mobile, browser, etc).
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